Dragons' Den

Wednesday 23/05 - 09:00 - 12:00

Venue: Park49

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During the Dragons’ Den, 6 start-ups will pitch their ideas to 5 prominent investors. Companies and investors alike will compete for a price purse worth 50 000 SEK for most attractive investor and most promising start-up.

A panel of 5 successful investors will jointly judge the investability of 6 tech start-ups. The assessment criteria will be the same as in the popular tv-show ‘Dragons’ Den’, i.e. each individual investor will ask questions and then decide whether or not they are interested in a continued investment discussion or not. The company that catches the interest of most investors wins a price purse worth 50 000 SEK.

Start-ups interested in pitching are requested to apply to gbgtechweek by filling out a pitch template. Gbgtechweek will, together with Gothenburg-based angel investor network, IDA, and financing firm, Avanoa AB, select the six start-ups allowed to pitch for the Dragons’ Den panel.

In parallel with the pitching competition, the audience will be asked to select the most apt and relevant Dragon. The winning investor will receive an investor-tailored price purse.

The price purse for the winning start-up consists of the following:

  • consultancy cheque worth 10 hours from capital raising firm Avanoa AB
  • consultancy cheque worth 10 hours from law firm Glimstedt AB
  • consultancy cheque worth 10 hours from branding specialists Zinkid
  • consultancy cheque worth 10 hours of strategic advice from angel investors IDA
  • access to ‘språngbräda’ (pitch training advice) from Connect Väst

The price purse for the winning investor will consist of:

  • a consultancy cheque worth 5 hours from law firm Glimstedt AB
  • a consultancy cheque worth 5 hours from capital raising firm Avanoa AB
  • a consultancy cheque worth 3 hours from public financing strategists Lindegren & Partners AB

Åsa Otterlund, moderator of the event
Åsa has been active in the Investment /Startup scene for the last 8 years, initially as Investment Manager and CFO for the Almi Invest Group and currently as Venture Partner for Race Craft Holding, a family office operating from Stockholm. She is also part of the founding team and CEO of the MusicTech incubator Amplify Sweden, located on the Campus of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) as well as holding board positions and acting as mentor to growth companies. Prior to diving in to the Investment/startup eco system, Åsa has been growing entreprenueral companies in various industries such as the Brewery Industry, Payments, Internet Consultancy, Mechanical Industry - in roles ranging from CFO to Vp. Åsa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business & Administration from Uppsala University and Master of Art in European Integration from University of Limerick, Ireland.

Dragons: (more announced soon)

Sanna Westman – Investment Manager (Creandum)
Former fencer and wannabe free skier gone Investment Manager. At Creandum Sanna Westman is hunting down Europe’s most interesting startup companies and the entrepreneurs that run them, with a certain focus on Digital Health and everything related to e-commerce & retail. Sanna brings deep experience in e-commerce, payments and M&A. Starting her career at McKinsey, Sanna spent the first years focusing on Public Sector before heading into working hands-on with growth strategy and M&A for consumer and retail companies in Scandinavia and China. This led her to a Kinnevik company, Qliro Group, where she was head of business development with responsibility for the Groups new strategy and M&A, and later led the subsidiaries Bodystore.com and FitnessMarket.

Karin Wingstrand (IDA Business Angel Network)
Karin has extensive and senior experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Karin also comes with a long-standing board engagement in a company of ’angel investments’ in innovation-based start-ups. She is presently engaged as a senior advisor at ISEA-Sweden, is on the board of several Swedish Life Science companies and member of IDA, a network of female angel investors.

Anna Langenius (Layline Partners AB)
Anna Langenius is an investment manager with long standing experience from roles such as CEO, CFO, management consultant, and global marketing manager in both small, medium-sized and large companies. Anna takes on both operative and strategic roles and is an experienced board member. Next to her career at Layline, she holds positions in the boards of Stavdal AB, Stylt Trampoli AB (where she also acts as CFO) and Svensk Vinkällare AB. Anna has in-depth knowledge of investment assessments and bankability having analysed more than 200 companies and having invested in more than 20 growth companies.

John Sjölander (Industrifonden)
John Sjölander has been working with Industrifonden in various capacities since 2010 and officially joined the team in 2015. Of the 19 years John has been involved in tech startups, John spent 10 years at VC-backed tech startups as a founder or in management positions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Applied IT from the University of Gothenburg.

Don’t forget to join the free breakfast session that prepares you with useful insights on how tech investors think, at Glimstedt AB (same address; 7.30-8.45) prior to the Dragon’s Den!


Sanna Westman


Karin Wingstrand

IDA Business Angel Network

Anna Langenius

Layline Partners AB

John Sjölander


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