Debate 2 Create

Friday 25/05 - 12:00 - 13:00


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Take action! In order to face the challenges of today and tomorrow we need to innovate, create more jobs and lots of new companies. More people need to turn words into action, and those already up and running need to be able to continue their entrepreneurial journey forward.

How can we come together to create an entrepreneurial culture where more Gothenburgians (or Göteborgare as we like to call ourselves) dare to take the plunge and starting their own business?

Luckily we’re here in Gothenburg, where innovation, thinking outside the box and meeting challenges is like second nature. This debate will be no exception. So don’t miss the opportunity to see politicians from left to right, entrepreneurs and opinions makers duke it out and talk entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation. All moderated by Mariah ben Salem Dynehäll, CEO at Drivhuset Göteborg.

And which venue could be better than YESBOX in Gamlestaden where the First Volvo car actually hung from a rooftop beam and the first bearings were invented. How’s that for built in entrepreneurial spirit?

All great things become better with food. So we'll spring for lunch.

Every rule has an exception, and this is ours. This event will be held in Swedish.

Hope to see you there, taking action!

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