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Thursday 9/5, 17:30-20:00

Venue: Hive Workspace

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There is more to space than just rocket science! The conventional wisdom of “space is a place for big organisations” or “space is inaccessible” is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The industry has transitioned to a phase where startups are now developing a variety of commercial use cases from data collected by satellites or by repurposing technology that was originally designed for use in space. From startups using space-related technology to help farmers reduce fertilizer waste and increase crop yields to those using satellite images of coastal areas to predict how leisure boats use the archipelagos, the new ‘space age’ is right here on Earth!

For the event we have lined up key industry experts with extensive knowledge in the startup and space industry. If you are an entrepreneur, visionary or space enthusiast, we welcome you to come and discover how SpaceTech is being adapted for sustainable use cases and ushering in the next generation of startups.


  • Welcome
  • New Space: Now anyone can work with SpaceTech
  • Vultus Pitch: Using a precision satellite system to eliminate waste in farming
  • Panel Discussion: Building for a sustainable future using SpaceTech
  • Mingle

Will food be served? - Yes

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