Startup Jungle Workshop

Tuesday 7/5, 13:00-15:00

Venue: Lilla Torget 4

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As a Startup, you face a lot of different challenges and situations to make sense of and act upon. To scale up, to find the right customer, to alter the business model, or to change direction of the business. Startups has a high failure rate, and this workshop is an effort to turn those number around. The Startup Jungle can provide an aligned picture of all aspects of the company, and the tools to help you avoid costly mistakes, and aid you to get all employees committed and highly motivated.

The old methods sprung from the industrial age build on long and detailed planning and focus on control and processes is not applicable in the new motions of the market. Through the Startup Jungle we create theoretical practical knowledge that can radically increase the odds to navigate correctly towards the market. The model covers all main functions of the company: markets, tech, economy and organization, and how these can be aligned to work in the best possible way. Startup Jungle is created to quickly and efficiently create knowledge and understanding about critical factors to success to reach your goals. Modern research shows that our learning abilities drastically increases by interacting with physical objects. We learn by involving more senses. One important effect is that everyone is, literally, on their feet and gets active in the model, which is a great way to create engagement and releases everyone’s competence in the best way.

The event is a crash-course in how to run a startup from idea to market based on methods adapted to the market climate of today. The participants will initially get an introduction in current management methods, how to incorporate sustainability in the business model, and how to practically use these theories using the Startup Jungle. They will get to run a fictional company from idea to market, and try on how it can be to run a company in the ever changing market of today.

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