Passion for sustainability – investors and entrepreneurs co-creating the assessment criteria

Friday 10/5 - 09:00 - 12:00

Venue: Ekocentrum, Aschebergsgatan 44

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As business angels, IDA InWest wants to ensure your business is investment-worthy even 5 years from now. Start now! Join our dynamic open space workshop ‘Passion for Sustainability’ and stay relevant for investors now, tomorrow and in 5 years!

Global investment company BlackRock believes that in 5 years’ time, businesses who have not incorporated sustainability into their soul, will not be considered an attractive investment option.

The business must be sustainable throughout the company’s entire value chain and starting with the entrepreneur herself.

Our open space workshop will tackle the question ‘How can a start-up show passion for sustainability to attract investors?’

For large companies, sustainability assessment criteria have been defined and even determined by law. For small and medium-sized companies however, such a framework is lacking. Nevertheless, these are the companies who have a chance of getting it right from the beginning. And with the right set of assessment criteria on board, the prerequisites for growth are set.

In ‘Passion for Sustainability’ we define together how to measure the performance of the company. Eventually this will result in how attractive you become to potential investors. The workshop explains how to incorporate sustainability into your business in a natural way: without it just being about ticking boxes. We share tips and tricks so that you can make sustainability into your competitive advantage from hereon after! Predominantly though, it will be your input that defines the final assessment criteria.

If you want your business idea to be considered sustainable, and you want to contribute to the assessment criteria and continue to be attractive to potential investors, then ‘Passion for Sustainability’ is the perfect workshop for you!

See you soon!


Elke Rosiers

IDA inWest, Avanoa

Hanna Plymouth

IDA inWest

Sophia Wennerbäck

CSR Västsverige

Josefin Borg

CSR Västsverige

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