Microwave Road seminar on Electromagnetic simulations

Wednesday 8/5, 16:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kollektorn/ Canyon, Chalmers

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The seminar comprises 4 presentations:

COMSOL Multiphysics® – Electromagnetics and much more The presentation will provide an overview of the simulation capabilities and physics formulations in COMSOL Multiphysics with a special focus on electromagnetics. We will also touch upon some related multiphysics modeling such as electromagnetic heating and electromechanics.

Simulation of memory effects in high frequency power transistors Numerical simulations (TCAD) are used to study memory effects caused by self-heating and electron trapping in GaN HEMTs. By comparing simulated and measured IV characteristics (DC, AC and transients), we get a better understanding of the physics and can investigate different semiconductor designs to reduce memory effects.

Large array antenna modelling using macro basis functions in CEM One 2019.0 The accurate modelling of large-scale array antennas, taking into account inter element coupling and boundary effects, is often not feasible due to exhaustive computational requirements. In this presentation we will show how the macro basis function (MBF) capability in CEM One can be used to address the problem and potentially provide a tool for improving antenna designs.

Simulation of the air interface in mobile communications The talk will address how to estimate performance of complex wireless system. A general simulation framework will be described. The focus of the presentation will be on the physical layer (antennas, precoding and propagation).

Will food be served? Yes - Sandwiches and drinks.

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