Driving innovation - from a strategic point of view

Friday 10/5, 07:45

Venue: Sigma ITC, Lindholmspiren 9

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Established and successful companies are often very accomplished at what they do. That is why they became successful in the first place. They may have spent years optimizing and perfecting their processes and structures to fine tune the value they create. For the value currently providing profit, this is of course crucial to stay competitive.

As the ‘speed of change is increasing’ in the world, the competitive landscape changes faster too. This means that companies can no longer survive only by optimizing their current business – they must also constantly reinvent themselves to maintain competitive edge. When ‘established, successful companies’ with ‘perfect processes and structures’ try to reinvent themselves however, the structures they have built tend to become a liability rather than a competitive advantage, maybe even without anyone noticing.

Innovation and optimization have different properties, and we must take this into account when establishing our ways or working with them. This applies for all functions and levels of an organization, but during this event we will focus on the strategic point of view, discussing i.e vision, strategy and measurement systems.

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