Magnus Emilson, Chairman and large owner in NA-KD, and Charlotta Gummeson, CEO at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The guide of taking your venture to the stock market or 100 million in revenue within two year!

The serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio and Magnus Emilson will talk about their latest success story, NA-KD and how they ware able to reach 100 million in revenue within two years. While Charlotta Gummeson, CEO at Sahlgrenska Science Park, together with Nasdaq, AstraZeneca and BioVentureHub will talk about the challenge of taking you life science project to an IPO.

"#gbgtechweek want to cover the whole spectrum from getting started with your venture to scaling it up. I think these three events will be extremely interesting for startups which just enter the phase of scaling the business" - Andreas Rolén, Organizer of #gbgtechweek

Ten events have been introduced. Now the next three events are presented.

CleanTech Matchmaking with Chalmers Venture
Startups meet Industry! If you are an innovative cleantech company looking for scaling up your business, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to participate at the matchmaking with the leading companies within the industry!

Taking life science to the stock market with Sahlgrenska Science Park
Join us and your life science colleagues for an open, engaging and informative discussion around the best ways for small life science companies to raise capital to generate big value.

How To create 100 Million SEK of revenue in two years with Jansson & Norin and Breakit
The fashion startup NA-KD saw revenues of over 100 million SEK in it’s second fiscal year. How is all this possible?

Stay tuned for the upcoming events which will be released soon!

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