This year #gbgtechweek is powered by The Trade & Industry Group of Gothenburg&Co.

The collaboration will focus on opening up the tech and startup scene in the suburbs of Gothenburg and gather the competencies around the city. This year, the goal and main focus is to reach out to the suburbs because of the fact that the suburbs are growing further away from the inner city, creating gaps.

“#gbgtechweek is a valuable initiative that contribute to the presentation of Gothenburg as a tech- and startup city.” - Christian Westerberg, The Trade and Industry Group, Gothenburg&Co.

The Trade & Industry Group is a platform for concurrence between industry, organizations, municipality and universities. Their goal is to strengthen and develop Gothenburg’s competitiveness and attraction power, and support a wide range of initiatives and projects.

“We think it’s important to involve and reach the whole city of Gothenburg, therefore it is great that the city support our initiative through the Trade and Industry Group. It is a big step in the right direction towards a greater startup and tech community.” - Tomas Sellden, #gbgtechweek.

By involving Gothenburg and its suburbs, #gbgtechweek together with The Trade & Industry Group hope to bring forward the huge competencies that exists in Gothenburg's suburbs and bridge the gaps that exists.

#gbgtechweek's purpose and goal is to put Gothenburg on the map as a city where creativity and entrepreneurship flourish, and to gather tech and startup communities in Gothenburg to strengthen the city’s attraction power. This year, #gbgtechweek is focusing on attracting people who normally falls outside the frames of Gothenburg startup and tech scene (#gbgtech).

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Andreas Rolén
+46 762 - 37 17 23

Linus Olsson
+46 738 - 08 90 73

Malin Kjällström
+46 767 - 78 06 30

Tomas Selldén
+46 736 - 93 19 75