Inclusion in tech, food tech and hackathon, the first events of #gbgtechweek are here!

The first five events of #gbgtechweek 2017 are here. From inclusion and diversity in the tech community, to food tech and building an app with post-it notes. During #gbgtechweek this year around 20 events will be organised all over Gothenburg. This is the third time the week is organised, and the tech and startup community of Gothenburg has never been more alive.

“The interest from the organisers this year has been the highest we have seen so far. It has been a complex task to fit all the events during one week, but we have done our best. We have also tried to match different organisations who wants to organise similar events with each other, and hopefully that will lead to even better events.” - Tomas Selldén, Organiser of #gbgtechweek

The first five events that are released:

Post-it App
Post-it App is an event that focuses on the decisions makers of tomorrow which is the highschool students. The event’s aim is to get them interested in IT and empower them by providing basic business and IT concepts such as business models and low fidelity prototyping.

Learning from innovation failures with Unionen
Samuel West explaines why innovation is impossible without mistakes. In an innovative culture you have to accept that the majority of all innovations will fail. It is wise to learn from your own mistakes, but it's even wiser to learn from the mistakes of others.

Food Venture & Partnering Day
Startups, industry and investors within the food sector are invited to network for business and collaboration opportunities. The less than two day agenda contain great opportunities for inspiration and networking for future collaboration opportunities. in Bergsjön is trying to create a platform where people no matter the background, social status, gender, religion can meet and be inspired to cooperate within tech entrepreneurship. Bringing world class startup founders, innovators, investors and partners to inspire and engage with the local communities.

Gothenburg Startup Hack
Gothenburg Startup Hack is about building and demoing a product prototype. They prefer fresh ideas and technological innovation over a solid business case. Don't worry about the numbers or the bottom line — use your imagination, think outside the box and go nuts! Last year they gathered 100 awesome hackers in 25 teams at the top of Gothia Towers and during 10 hours they created some really cool stuff. This year’s venue: A circus tent in the middle of Gothenburg!

Stay tuned for the upcoming events which will be released soon!

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