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See you in Gothenburg May 6-11, 2019!

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Welcome to Gothenburg Tech Week!

Do you want to know more about the Gothenburg startup and tech community?
Do you want to work or invest in a startup?
Or do you want to learn more about the latest tech trends?

Then #gbgtechweek is for you!

#gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted in Gothenburg.

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#gbgtechweek is powered by The Trade & Industry Group of Gothenburg&Co. We are both on the same mission: To strengthen and develop the competitiveness and appeal of Gothenburg!

The Trade & Industry Group is a platform for collaboration between industry, organisations, municipalities and universities in Gothenburg, and we think it is awesome to work together with Gothenburg&Co in order to reach that mission.

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Since the founding of Gothenburg Tech Week in 2015 it has been organized by people active within the tech community in Gothenburg. The team consist of people working in startups, tech companies and from the tech community. We do this because we believe in #gbgtech, and want to make Gothenburg a thriving region for entrepreneurship and innovations.

We run #gbgtechweek as follows:
- #gbgtechweek is a non-profit organization.
- It is free to organize an event during #gbgtechweek.
- All events must be in English as well as open for any one to attend/apply to.

We want to improve the conditions for entrepreneurs and startups in Gothenburg to become and remain competitive.

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