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21th - 27th of May 2018

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Welcome to #gbgtechweek!

Do you want to know more about the Gothenburg startup community?
Do you want to work or invest in a startup?
Or do you want to take your startup to the next level?

Then #gbgtechweek is for you!

#gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted for the public in Gothenburg.

BTW, all events are open to everyone and free of charge!


Thank you for an amazing #gbgtechweek!

26 events, more than 25 different organizers, more than 90 hours of tech and startup events. Hackathons, pitch competitions, investor panels, workshops, and much much more! #gbgtechweek 2017 took place during the first week of May and was totally amazing!

Make sure to attend #gbgtechweek between the 21th and 27th of May next year!

Meanwhile, check out a short recap of the week below where you can find photos from all the events.

How to startup

Law firm Glimstedt held an inspiring breakfast where Glimstedt partners talked on how to startup.

Photos by: Andreas Rolén

What is an app and how do I make one?

Craft Academy taught out how to make your first web app!

Photos by: Wesley Overklift

Gothenburg Startup Landscape

Venture Cup & SEB presented an overview of the startup ecosystem, in collaboration with various important organizations and companies from all over Gothenburg.

Photos by: Wesley Overklift

Learning From Innovation Failures

Samuel West explained why innovation is impossible without mistakes.

Photos by: Anton Adielsson

Food Venture & Partnering Days

RISE invited startups, industry and investors within the food sector to network for business and collaboration opportunities.

Photos by: Felix Nordén

Post-it App

Post-it App learn highschool students the concepts of making an app.

Photos by: FlashIT

Lindholmen Connected

Lindholmen Science Park organised a mingle with the business angel Lena Apler as keynote speaker.

Photos by: FlashIT

Digital Tech – Online Attraction

ALMI, Grant Thornton and Women In Tech hosted the serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio, Karolina Brorsson and Marketing Automation expert Anthony Seymour.

Photos by: TBA

Idea Generation Workshop

Alexander Mafi tought about idea generation tools and how to boost your creativity.

Photos by: FlashIT

Failure Festival

FailureFestival, where you meet to share failures and celebrate them! Fail fast, fail now!

Photos by: Violetta Kovacka

StartUp Bar

Meet, have a beer and network.

Start-ups going public

GU Ventures invited entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about the IPO-process.

Photos by: Tatyana Mircheva

Insight - The secret way to find financing

A panel with investors and entrepreneurs shared their tips and ideas of how small and medium sized startups can find financing.

Photos by: Fabian Wennerbeck - Bergsjön

Where people can meet and be inspired to cooperate within tech entrepreneurship no matter the background, social status, gender, religion.

Photos by: Tatyana Mircheva

Silicon Vallgatan Presents: The Startup Journey

Speakers from some of the "Silicon Vallgatan" companies gave five startup stories and perspectives on the startup identity.

Cleantech Matchmaking

Startups meet Industry!

Photos by: Fabian Wennerbeck

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Discussions around the best ways for small life science companies to raise capital to generate big value.

Photos by: Wesley Overklift

Gothenburg’s dance with China

GU Ventures invited entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about the Chinese market.

Photos by: Felix Nordén

Entrepreneurial Lunch

Meet, eat, and mingle.

Photos by: Fabian Wennerbeck

Join a startup

A matchmaking event for all students looking for some extra work.

How to meet with investors and startups

Panel discussion on how to meet with investors.

Photos by: Fabian Wennerbeck

Open Source for Big Data and Visualisation

A seminar, where Findwise inspired to create new powerful visualisations and graphics driven by your data analysis.

Photos by: Jenny Sorsa

How To create 200 Million SEK of revenue in two years

Jarno Vanhatapio and Magnus Emilson told the story of NA-KD.

Photos by: Violetta Kovacka

Tech in East – Growing in Asia

Talk on how to find markets in Asia and what to learn from local tech scenes.

Gothenburg Startup Hack

A hackathon where you build and demo a product prototype.

Photos by: Andreas Pegelow

Beer Yoga

Have you ever heard about the combination of the golden beverage, mindful stretching and body control?

We attended #gbgtechweek 2017!

Haider Abdo

Founder & CEO, Returnado

Ali Ahmadian

CEO, Heliospectra

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Lena Apler

Founder & Chairman, Collector

Lindholmen Connected, Failure Festival,

Sofia Appelgren

Founder & CEO, Mitt Liv

Failure Festival,

Jonas Arvidsson

Co-founder & CEO, Parakey

How to start up

Magnus Björsne

CEO, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Karolina Brorsson

Managing Director, Protosell

Digital Tech – Online Attraction

David Brudö

Co-founder & CEO, Remente

Failure Festival

Thomas Brue

CEO, Pegroco Invest

Startups Going Public

Per Cramer

Dean, School of Business, Economics and Law

Gothenburg's dance with China

Måns Danielsson


Food Venture & Partnering Days

Gusten Danielsson

Co-founder & CFO, Cellink

Startups Going Public

Håkan Ericson

CEO, GU School of Executive Education

Gothenburg's dance with China

Magnus Emilson

Chairman & Investor, NA-KD

How To create 200 Million SEK of revenue in two years

Catarina Englund

Sustainability Innovation Manager, IKEA Group

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Sandy Errestad

PR & Comms Lead, Minc

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Åsa Gisel

Marketing Manager, Orkla Foods

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Charlotta Gummeson

CEO, Sahlgrenska Science Park

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Moa Gurbuser

Founder & CEO, MRG Wines

Failure Festival

Mimmi Hedelin

Investment Manager, Industrifonden

Cleantech Machmaking

Zakaria Hersi


Niclas Holmberg

Managing Director, Nasdaq

Startups Going Public, Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Mats Hård

Founder & CEO, Finwire

Startups Going Public

Anders Jansson

Founding Partner, Avanoa, Former Co-founder & CEO, Minesto

How to start up

Päivi Juolahti

Director Renewal, Fazer Group

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Carl-Magnus Kindal

CEO, Göteborg Corporate Finance

Startups Going Public

Ariel Kramer

Communications Officer, Cellink

Failure Festival

Oxana Kukhaneva

Venture Partners, Seventure Partners

Food Venture & Partnering Days

Linnea Lindau

CEO, Chalmers Ventures

Startups Going Public

Johan Ljungberg

Partner, Mannheimer Swartling

Startups Going Public

Fredrik Moeschlin

Head of Analytics, Findwise

Open Source for Big Data and Visualisation

Pontus Ottosson

Head of Investment, Chalmers Ventures

How to meet with investors and startups

Ted Persson

Design Partner, EQT Ventures

How to meet with investors and startups

Johan 'Red Top' Larsson

Owner, Pustervik

Failure Festival

Karin Reutersköld

Sustainable Business Strategist, DanskeBank

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

John Sjölander

Venture Partner, Industrifonden

How to meet with investors and startups

Kerstin Stenberg

CEO, Connect Väst

Lindholmen Connected

Björn Stansvik

Founder & CEO, MentorMate

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Team TransferGalaxy


Anna Urombi

Co-founder & CEO, AddTruly

Marie Wall

Deputy Director Startups, Ministry of Enterprise

Startups Going Public

Nicholas Waters

CEO, IRLAB Therapeutics

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket

Jarno Vanhatapio

Co-founder & CEO, NA-KD

Digital Tech - Online Attraction, How To create 200 Million SEK of revenue in two years

Gang Wei

Deputy CEO, CEVT

Gothenburg's dance with China

Samuel West

Curator, Museum of Failure

Learning From Innovation Failures

Oskar Wollert

Head of Listings, AktieTorget

Startups Going Public

Klementina Österberg

CEO, GU Ventures

Gothenburg's Dance with China, Start-ups going public

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#gbgtechweek is powered by The Trade & Industry Group of Gothenburg&Co. We are both on the same mission: To strengthen and develop the competitiveness and appeal of Gothenburg!

The Trade & Industry Group is a platform for collaboration between industry, organisations, municipalities and universities in Gothenburg, and we think it is awesome to work together with Gothenburg&Co in order to reach that mission.


Andreas Rolén

Malin Kjällström

Linus Olsson

Roberto Perez

Since #gbgtechweek was founded in 2015 it has been organized by people from #gbgtech. The team consist of both students, but also people working with startups in #gbgtech. We do this because we believe in #gbgtech, and want to contribute to the city.

We run #gbgtechweek as follows:
- #gbgtechweek is a non-profit organization.
- It is free to organize an event during #gbgtechweek.
- The #gbgtechweek organization do not have any sponsors, in order to avoid being bias. We do however collaborate with the city of Gothenburg.
- All events must be in English as well as free and open for any one to attend/apply to.

We want to improve the conditions for entrepreneurs and startups in Gothenburg to become and remain competitive.

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