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1 - 7th of May

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What is #gbgtech?

#gbgtech is Gothenburg's Tech and Startup Community. The community exist to position Gothenburg as an attractive tech- and startup-commuity in Scandinavia by promoting communication and interaction. No one is in charge of the community, it is built by the organizations and persons that are a part of it.

What is #gbgtechWeek?

In order to spread the knowledge and awareness about the living tech and startup community in Gothenburg, #gbgtechWeek take place every year in May. During one week, several diverse and inspiring events is hosted for the public in Gothenburg. The events are open and presented by organizations that are mainly non-profit and exist with the goal to promote entrepreneurship and tech in Gothenburg.

So who is a part of #gbgtech?

Everyone who consider themselves to within tech, startup, or tech and startup, but also you who are curious about the community or believe in empowering it. You don't have to join, you are already a part of it!

When #gbgtechWeek is over?

Gothenburg's tech and startup community - #gbgtech, is here to stay. Use #gbgtech in social media, visit and attend all the events that is organized during the rest of the year!

#gbgtechWeek 2016 - What happened last year?

- Hackathon

- Competition

- Networking event

- Speaker

- Fair

- Inspirational event

- Workshop

Sofie Allert
CEO, Swedish Algea Factory

Startup Arena

Lena Apler
Co-founder & CEO, Collector Bank

Startup Grind, Dragon's Den

Lina Areblad
Marketing Manager, Uber

Stora Connect Dagen

Patrik Arnesson
Co-founder & CEO, Football Addicts

Startup Arena, Are you built for exit?

Olle Aronsson
Co-founder, Breakit

Startup Arena

Gustav Borgefalk
Founder Sqore

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

Riley Cooper
Designer, Tomb Rider Games

Game Developers Lounge

Kenneth Dambo
Early Stage Investor, Northcap

Startup Arena

Kate Edwards
Executive Director, IGDA

Game Developers Lounge

Miriam Grut Norrby
Investment Manager Stockholm, Schibsted

Startup Arena

Tim He
Principal, Northzone

Startup Arena

Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Mayor of Gothenburg

Gothenburg – the obvious choice for entrepreneurs?

Linnea Lindau
CEO, Chalmers Ventures

Gothenburg – the obvious choice for entrepreneurs?

Annie Lööf
Leader of Centre Party

Dragon's Den

Amin Omrani
CEO, Serendipity Innovations

Venture Cup

Gustaf Rentzhog
President & CEO, Söderberg & Partners

Stora Connect Dagen

John Sjölander
Venture Partner, Industrifonden

Startup Arena

Johan Sköld
Head of Growth, Chalmers Ventures

Startup Arena

Palle Stenberg
CEO, Nudie Jeans

Gothenburg – the obvious choice for entrepreneurs?

Marie Wall
Startup Manager, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Stora Connect Dagen

Hjalmar Winbladh
Co-founder, Wrapp, Founding Partner, EQT Ventures

Let's Go Global

#gbgtechWeek 2016





2 620


900 000

people reached by #gbgtechWeek


We are a group of students from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship that believe that Gothenburg's tech and startup scene should get more focus. Last year Andreas and Linus saw that many event organizers want to achieve the same thing, but they did not collaborate. Therefore they founded #gbgtechWeek, to both put light on the tech and startup scene in Gothenburg, but also to promote collaboration between the different organizations around in Gothenburg. We have no interest in money and do this without any budget.

We just want to make #gbgtech a better place for the future!

Want to say hello, have a questions or want to arrange an event?